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Have you always wanted to be dominated by a mistress?
Then you're in the right place, you little bitch.
The training program for the right sissy awaits you here.
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  • Feminization
    Accept and live out your feminine side
  • Assignments
    Receive continuously sissy assignments, tasks, events, and more
  • Submissivness
    Become a submissive sissy girl
  • Limitless
    Expand your limits and stay always horny
  • Sluttification
    Get humiliated and worship your mistress


Available categories / classes

About me

Hello - I am Mistress Luna!

Because of my studies of psychology and my knowlegde in the BDSM area, I could gain a lot of experiences as a "mistress".

I love sissies and training them with a lot of feeling based on my competence, with creativity and as a spice, depending on the situation, humor also can be a part of it.

I will explore your boundaries with you, slowly approach them and make you dependent from me.

I am always interested in a game in which I can also live out my fantasies, which means: feminizing men - as far as possible and maybe a bit further. 😈

To be able to live out my personal dominance is a privilege, which I really enjoy. Trust is an essential part of the game. If you trust me, you can assume that I will deal with it responsibly.